Rietblazer Franklin Caesar speelde weergaloos sopraansaxofoon in een hard groovend duel met Snijders. En betoonde zich een zeer flexibel musicus toen hij het  tweede nummer van de avond inzette met een prachtig ingehouden intro op de basklarinet. : Door David Cohen, Jazzenzo  

" Looking foreward what a great band Franklin Caesar is one af the gerat saxophonists in the Netherlands. In his playing you can here the depth of Monk, Trane, Archie Shepp but with the groove of Tower of Power and Marcus Miller" : Wolf Martini

Frank is door de jaren heen mijn favoriete co-blazer geworden. Ik hou van zijn stijl, sound en positive attitude en ik ken hem zo lang als hij oud is! Info over mijn cd box waarop Franklin Caesar is te horen, : Ronald Snijders

Franklin Caesar a seasoned musician who earned his stripes during the nineties in the lineup of heavyweights in the Dutch and international jazz scene whit whom he toured and recorded such as Franky Douglas, Reginald Workman, Ronald Snijders, The award winning bassist, composer and arranger Badou Jobe and Ifan Bondi, Surinam Music Ensemble, Fra Fra sound and Fra Fra bigband. In all these groups he was given every opportunity to develop his own particular style and sound. All these experiences and different styles culminated in his 2004 solo debuut cd " A DRIVEN SPIRIT"

Altough the cd was recieved very well after some time it remained silent around Franklin Caesar but still he himself was not at all, Experimenting in different projects and collaborations in recent years, he sought new boundaries of his creativity.

He can be described as an adventures musician with a great sound an indept of playing a solid basis for A GRIPPING MUSICAL CONCEPT OF DRIVING RHYTHMS AND AN ALWAYS PRESENT SOLID GROOVE THAT MAKES THE MUSIC TO PIERCE IN EVERY FIBRE OF YOUR BODY.